Jedi or Daredevil? You decide!

Jedi or Daredevil? You decide!

To celebrate the summer, we are offering you the opportunity to try your hand at virtual beat saber or to test your nerve walking the plank high in the air between buildings!

14th-15th August | 11am-4pm


Ready to be immersed in a world of rhythm and light or walk the plank, between two skyscrapers hundreds of meters high? Join us as at Clacton Shopping Village as we host Beat Saber and Walk the Plank VR experiences.

In Beat Saber players can quickly learn the strike down incoming targets with a pair of virtual lightsabers- we’ll say it again- LIGHTSABERS. Come and Join us as our weekends of Wonder continue.

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You can reserve a space within a half hour window. Your reservation acts as a queue jump pass, just show your reservation to the event crew and they’ll get you in asap!

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